Climate Smart Task Force

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Climate Smart Communities (CSC) is a New York State program that helps local governments take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. The program offers grants, rebates for electric vehicles, and free technical assistance. Registered communities have made a commitment to act by passing the CSC pledge. Certified communities are the foremost leaders in the state; they have gone beyond the CSC pledge by completing and documenting a suite of actions that mitigate and adapt to climate change at the local level. Patchogue Village is a Registered Community that is working towards certification at the Bronze Level

Climate Smart Task Force

  • Chairperson, Joseph Keyes, Village Trustee
  • Coordinator, Lori B. Devlin, Village Clerk
  • Co-chairperson, Kaetlyn Jackson
  • Member, Nick Rosenberg
  • Member, Lacey Keefer
  • Member, Jonathan Keyes
  • Member, Paula Murphy

Term Lengths

         5 years