Business Improvement District

Board of Directors

  • Lorice Belmonte,  President
  • Joanne Ruggiero, Treasurer
  • Harold G. Trabold, Vice President
  • Richard Braille, Secretary
  • Dennis A. Smith, Executive Director
  • Janice Taraskas, Member
  • Brian Adams, Member
  • Steven Bezmen, Member
  • Adrian Fassett, Member
  • Trustee Thomas Ferb, Member
  • Joel Furman, Member
  • Tim McCarthy, Member
  • Rob Morris, Member
  • John Murray, Member
  • David Vigliotta, Member

Mission Statement

The Patchogue Business Improvement District Management Association Inc. (PDMA) is dedicated to the continuance of the innovative delivery of public services. It has provides and continues promoting activities to attract shoppers, clients, investors and businesses to the District, as well as supporting projects designed to stimulate economic growth and community well being.

Year Round Services

  • Employ a full time maintenance worker for street cleaning, etc.
  • Purchasing and maintaining the hanging flowering basket program throughout the Village in summer
  • Flower box and garden plantings throughout Village parking fields including the railroad station
  • Tree and planter watering maintenance
  • Purchasing and providing Holiday decorations and lighting, including off season storage and maintenance
  • Financial support of the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce
  • Financial support to help promote Patchogue Theatre venues
  • Financial support to help promote Department of Recreation events, including parades, concerts, and shorefront events
  • Financial support to help promote venues at Plaza Cinema and Arts
  • Financial support to help promote Patchogue Arts Council venues
  • Financial support to help promote Patchogue River Businesses
  • Professional vegetation control throughout the downtown business district
  • Provide American Flag Banners in the Downtown Business District

More Information

We welcome your suggestions and ideas on what you think we might be doing to help promote Patchogue Village in a positive way. Comments can be emailed to Dennis Smith.

Also, please remember that it is the responsibility of each building owner and or shopkeeper to keep the sidewalk in front of your establishment neat and clean, and in winter clear of snow and ice.