Public Works

The Department of Public Works offers many services to Village residents. They handle Sanitation, Recycling, and Street Lighting and also Maintain the Streets and Highways.

Village roadways have suffered the consequences of a harsh winter. As the snow melts, potholes are becoming more apparent on area roadways. The Department of Public Works is in charge of repairing these holes and maintains a regular protocol for doing so.

Reporting Potholes

If you wish to report a pothole, please e-mail us  potholes email or call 475-4300 ext. 130. When you e-mail or call, be sure to include the exact address if possible or a location description. Feel free to include any photos that would aid in the location description.


Recycle cans and newspapers are to be brought out curbside on alternate Wednesdays for pick-up. The 2024 Recycling Schedule (PDF) is color coded for pick-up dates. Check the Recyclables List to find out what can and cannot be recycled and how it should be handled. For more information, refer to the 2024 Guide to Waste Management, Recycling & Stormwater. 

Public Works Fees

2023/2024 Public Works Fees